Larkspur B-17

Name Larkspur B-17
CAP data 39 13N 105 05W 26-FEB-45 B-17  high on west side of valley 10 miles west of Larkspur. 30 to 35 miles NW of COS. 10 passengers, fatal burned. Found May 22, 1945

GPS coords 39.19173    104.96976
UTM 13S 0502612, 4337846
Datum used NAD 27
County Douglas

February 26, 1944

 Locator map Larkspur B-17

The wreck cause: Unknown.  Round-robin Clovis NM to Denver & return.

Casualties:   2nd Lt. Joseph J. Beeson Jr. of Washington DC

                      2nd Lt. Harry B. Davis of Philadelphia, PA

                      2nd Lt. Harry L. Barry of Columbus, OH

                      2nd Lt. Jack T. Laird of Klamath Falls, ORE

                      FO Fred Gentry of Decatur, ILL

                     Cpl. Ralph C. Judah of Iola, KS

                     Cpl. James F. Perry of Charlotte, N.C.

                    Cpl. Joseph J. Fendrick of Queens, NY

                    Cpl. Glenn L. Stutsman of Washington, IO

                    Cpl. James R. Young of Port Arthur,TX

Site Description:.  On a SE facing slope about 800' below the top of the ridge and perhaps 200' above the creekbed. Slope is very steep with jumbles of house-sized boulders on it. Footing is sandy decomposed granite and has some scrub oak, cactus and pines trees growing.  The crash knocked down some trees and created a somewhat more open area where the craft apparently came to rest and burned. Debris at the site includes: 4 engines (2 are about 100' down the hill from the impact zone), landing gear legs, a few breadbox sized crumples of aluminum and many small melted globs of aluminum. By and large the wreckage has been removed somehow though sifting thru the impact area burn will reveal many small metallic items.

Best route :  Rampart Range Rd to Forest Rd 327. Go east to reach parking spot - 13S 0501299, 4336735  Study your topo map to figure out how to walk down the correct ridgetop to a point above the crash site.

Recent trip to find the wreck  (Have made 6 trips so far with no success)

Would you believe it's now SEVEN tries?

Ummm, I guess it's EIGHT.

Er, well, make that NINE......

Would you believe, it took TWELVE tries? (PICTURES OF SITE)

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