Jimmy Camp B-24

Name Jimmy Camp B-24
CAP data None.
GPS coords witheld
GPS decimal witheld
UTM witheld
Datum used N/A
County El Paso County CO.

Sept 14, 1944

Aircraft B-24J  s/n 42-73359

B-24 in flight

The wreck cause: Midair collision with another B-24J in formation (serial not given in the report) followed by stall in formation turbulence and spun to the ground  Some witnesses claim the plane exploded before impact. From report photos it appears to have crashed inverted.

Casualties:     Pilot: 2nd Lt. Wilbur H. Steinkamp

                         Co-pilot: 2nd Lt. Harold R. Shaffer

                         Navigator: 2nd Lt. William A. Price

                         Bombardier:Flight Officer Dewayne N. Eyler

                         Engineer: Cpl. Francis E. Gaffey

                         Radioman: Cpl. Carl W. Vest

                         Gunner: Cpl. Dwight F. Marouiss

                          Gunner: Pfc. Pedro (NMI) Morales

                          Gunner: Pfc. Paul E. Weisman 



Survivors: None.

Site Description:. On the east-facing edge of the bluff overlooking Jimmy Camp Creek. Parts are scattered from the very edge downhill for 1/8 mile. The vast majority of the wreckage has been removed and only small parts remain.  Colorado Aviation Historical Society spent many trips over 4 years surveying and recovering remaining debris for the City of Colorado Springs. The property is presently owned by the City of Colorado Springs but access is across private land - hence no coordinates are given here.

Len Wallace had surveyed this site for the City at least 10 years ago. At that time it was a "third generation" cleanup and a few things like cylinder parts were piled up. The parts piles were removed sometime before the CAHS survey and cleanup.

Member Larry Liebrecht attempted to use GeoEye imaging to locate wreckage evidence from space. We were surveying the site in a professional manner including string gridding and plotting debris.

Larry wanted to try another approach. 

Here is his report - Larry's Report  (Microsoft Word   .doc file)

Best route - No comment. Have to cross private land for access.

Pictures here: (apologies for semi-random sizing)

Working conditions More working conditions.

Chair is for recorder/note taker

Debris field flags Larry L. with aluminum chips

Pull the Dot snap Handle - window? seat adjuster?

Fuel transfer valve Adjuster - camera mount adjust?

Small shaft Small shaft gears

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