What's New on the Site?

(See how easy it is to keep a website updated? :-)

9/28/22 - Visited Crown Point B-17 and updated page.

7/3/2022- Visited West White Pine C-46 and found the burned trees down making a horrid tangle. Updated coordinates for current accuracy.

4/2/2022- Visited Crystal Mtn DC6 crash site and found that it had been burned over in the High Park fire of 2021.

7/8/2020 - Updated Janet Smith's email and installed her newly revised explanation for the crash

6/16/2020 - Updated Janet Smith's email and added blog address in her page under the Crystal Mountain site.

8/16/2018 - Trip report to Crystal Mountain DC-6 with Flight Engineer's daughter and grand daughter. Link added to the page with pictures.

7/22/2018 - Updated route to Crown Point B-17  noting my favorite NOT  recommended route and why it's not recommended

7/11/2018- Added links to the Montana motorcycle trips under "About Ron"

1/29/2018 - Updated the Montana motorcycle trip link (that's not shown in Coloradowreckchasing). Moved entire website from Misk.com to GoDaddy  using Laurie's webhosting account.

8/7/2017 - Added 2 links to the Allenspark T-33 page.

3/2/17 - Modified 'About Ron' to reflect the passing of of my dear darling wife Laurie.

6/19/16 - Reported and posted picture of erosion damage on Pingree Park B-17 trail.

11/25/15 - Finally posted up the report for the Stafford Creek Unknown. Find it in the Sites with a Twist section.

7/2/15 - We mourn the passing of Duke Sumonia, a fine man who gave great service to folks seeking information about their relatives.

6/28/15 - Updated Crystal Mountain DC6 access status. Also added Alan Gionet's news story of hiking to the site.

3/3/2015- Added Larry Carpenter's website on my Links page. Larry gave me his website.

8/24/2014- Alan Gionet of CBS TV 4 Denver did a video story about Colorado wrecks. His video story on their website is linked on the front page. Pictures from sites he visited are in their respective webpages.

5/27/2014- Added pictures and trip report to West White Pine C-46 site. Updated L's cancer status.  Declared a pox on FireFTP add-on to Firefox for changing to something unusable for the 2nd time in 3 updates. Now going to try FileZilla ftp loader.

4/8/2014 - Finally added Jimmy Camp B-24 after some prodding by my friends.

1/1/2013- Removed AvAr course words from index page. Updated AboutRon with more cancer and job situation.

8/5/2012- Updated High Park fire status of nearby sites (W. White Pine C-46 site burned), added useful link from Laramie Public Library, added yearbook picture of A-20 pilot Gleghorn, deleted links to Tiger maps that are no longer functional.

5/28/2102 - Updated Pingree B-17 site a bit with a word of caution about other people's off-leash dogs.

1/14/2012- L. IS CANCER FREE!  Updated the About Ron page.

3/20/2011- Removed locating information on Mt. Tom B-25 site. It is on private land. Tried to update victim list but the 'net isn't cooperating today.

6/28/2010- Updated Pingree B-17 information.

10/24/09  Cancer intrusion into my family life and links to new discoveries in the world of CFS.

9/12/09  Changed info about October AvAr course to cancelled due to schedule conflicts (wife's surgery).

9/5/09- Added info about the front page photo received from Andy Kemp. Added info about Charles Misner who perished in the Medicine Bow crash.

7/26/2009 - Added some info about Glenwood Springs B-17 and more refined coordinates.  Added AvAr Fall 2009 course info to index page.

7/19/2009 - Updated coordinates and info about West White Pine C-46.

6/2/09 - Removed a controversial picture and corrected name spelling on Joe WilkINson's pictures.

4/17/09 - Put up a page with Joe Wilkson's photos including one picture on the front page linked to the whole thing. Fascinating pix!

4/12/2009- Had my ever-helpful wife resize the photos  from Len and create thumbnails so I can construct appropriate galleries. Reworked the Elk mountain photos and the Mt. Yale set and posted them.  Still need to incorporate all the other great Wilkson photos.

4/6/2009 - B-17 Salvage pictures, again from Joe Wilkson via  Len Wallace

4/4/09 - Len Wallace shared pictures of the Elk Mtn DB-7 salvage ops from his friend Joe Wilkson. Link posted to the Elk Mountain page. Very cool!

12/14/08 - Added notice of annual AvAr course and provided link

6/7/08 - Added link to AvAr website.

5/25/2008 - New internetlocation without ads!

2/2/2008- Posted notice that I'm going to move from free Tripod hosting to someplace else. Not sure where that will be or when I'll make the move.

1/1/2008- Added some html code to make nicer margins on each page. Made very slight wording changes here and there but this margin dressing was not a substantial change.

11/3/2007 - Removed my rant about Misk.com. Added the sad paragraph concerning Mel Duncan's passing on the Medicine Bow crash page. Corrected the spelling of Wilbert Whitley's name on the Medicine Bow casualty list.  The B-24 site in the Springs is now inaccessible due to issues with crossing private property and liability releases (thanks a lot to the legal profession...... grrr)

7/15/07 - Quick addition of the Glendo Monomail to the Commercial crash collection. Still working on another B-24 site in Colo Springs.

3/24/07 - Updated link to Aviation Archeology course signup page.

2/3/07- Swapped pictures in the About Ron page.

12/03/06- Removed all coordinate and descriptive information from the Sterling RB-24 page.  The CAHS folk suggested that any coordinates could lead to problems for the landowners. Contact me and I'll put you in touch with CAHS if you have a legitimate interest in learning the coordinates.

12/01/2006- Added Spruce Mountain C-47 to site. Added Sterling RB-24 to site. Added some words about GPS experience in the UTM & Hiking section, added some words about CAHS in the Foreword section. Changed the wreck count on the index page as well as the military sites page.

11/22/06- Continued work on Spruce Mtn C47 page and Sterling B-24 page. Need to get and convert trip photos.

11/3/06- Modified index page and Mog for Sale page to reflect the sale of Mogbert to Matt Hensarling. I still have to assemble the material and post the pages for the Spruce Mountain C-47 and the Sterling RB-24 which have been found as projects with the Colorado Aviation Historical Societ.

8/20/06- Added Diamond Peaks AT-6 page. First new site visited in 5 years.

8/10/06- Updated information about Kutapressin and Nexavir in "About the Author" section.

7/14/06- Glenwood B-17 wreck site is still there, not cleaned up. Added to the page.

7/8/06- Added a point of information in the section about UTM and off trail hiking indicating the error created when using same coordinates entered on different datum.

6/25/06- Changed link about the CAHS course, updated the Pingree B-17 page with the #3 engine non-running status.

2/18/06 - Added the Red Hen Systems demo link to the Pingree Park B-17 page. Added uncertainty about the Glenwood B-17 being cleaned up. Have conflicting reports about summer of 2005 condition.

2/10/06 - Received email from Bob Zook indicating that the Glenwood B-17 site has been cleaned up to nothingness. Posted that warning on the page.

2/5/06- Link to CAHS course added now that CAHS has a page.

1/22/06 - Added front page link indicating CAHS course will occur in June.

10/29/05- (1) Completed page for the 50th anniversary of UAL 409 Medicine Bow Peak with photos and description of meeting with Peter and Leslie Merrill. Added images of the memorial marker placed in 2001. (2) Added a page with Janet Smith's version of the cause of the crash of the Crystal Mountain DC-6. Janet's father was Captain Appleby, the pilot in command of the flight.

10/01/05 - Rearranged the Medicine Bow DC4 page to move the memorial marker text down to near the location description.

5/23/05 - Added additional coordinates and route description to Crystal Mtn DC6.

2/13/05- 3 pictures from David Cleary's family (Michael O'Connell) for the Pike's Peak C-47 page.

1/25/05 - Corrected name of survivor of Pike's Peak C-47 from email from a relative.

1/15/05 - Tweaked the About Ron section.

1/10/05- Found that the guestbook program stopped sending me notifications. Added note to this effect. Removed "new, improved" header. Amplified instructions for sending me email so senders can actually get thru the spam storm. Corrected Mt. Logan casualty from Rich Rappach to Nick Rappach. (Can't lay my hands on the mail correcting this one....)

6/14/04 - Updated the front page (removed Craig Fuller's course), added a great link to NTSB crash database.

4/4/04 - (1) Duke Sumonia reported the explanation for that dramatic front picture of the B-24 upended. That's what a bad day flying can mean. (2) tinkered a bit with the About the Author page content.

12/26/03- It took Tripod a MONTH to fix whatever problem was keeping me from uploading the content listed for 11/22. Now it's up. Yay! :-)

11/22/03- Typed in contents of newspaper clippings about the Elk Mountain DC-3 crash.  Updated list of the victims on the page. Also fixed a bad link to Dale Hueske's NAPER 28 website.

8/23/03- Repaired broken link to "What is a unimog?"  found on the "About Ron" page.

7/04/03 - Removed "Employment Wanted" from front page. Modified "About Ron" to reflect current employment. Modified Pingree B-17 info to reflect that Twin Lakes Reservoir is full for the first time in 19 years to my knowlege. Removed resume from internet viewing.

5/3/03- Modified "About Ron" to reflect most current job situation (still a temp but still employed). Lowered the sale price on Mogbert.

2/16/03- (1) Added email correction comments from pilot's son to West White Pine C-46 site. (2) Added comments from co-pilot's son to Navajo C-47 site page.

01/30/03 - (1) Pat Swovelin is first to report a dead link in the West White Pine C-46 listing. (2) Updated About Ron to reflect temporary job. (3) Minor update to Mogbert For Sale listing.

12/11/02- (1) Decided to use the front page of the website to indicate my availability in the job market.  (2) Installed a simpler functional resume in place of previous . (3) Cut down "About Ron" significantly.

11/24/02- Got scanned pictures for the Jones Pass C-123 site and the Larkspur B-17. I still owe you pictures from Navajo peak.

11/3/02- I'm still unemployed. (I guess that's not new.) Changed the URL from Waypoint Wherehouse to Travel By GPS because the site name changed.

10/2/2002- (1) My boss, Mr. Karl Schakel passed away on 9/10. He was quite a guy and I enjoyed working for him. (now I'm unemployed again) (2) Mogbert the Unimog is For Sale. (3) Modified About Ron to reflect #1. (4) Modified Medicine Bow DC-4 page to correct the tense used about the monument erected in 2001.

9/11/2002- (1) Found Larkspur B-17 on 9/9. Added coordinates, pictures, map, and story of the find. Moved its link from unfound to military. Haven't added the link on the clickable map - I've forgotten how I did that trick! (2) Used MU-2 picture supplied by Karl Smith on both the civilian index page and the MU-2 page.

7/10/02 - (1) Located Navajo Peak DC-3 yesterday. Added page. Pictures still in film camera so pictures will come later.(2) Removed counter script from index page and cancelled counter services. Counter stood at 13,000+  but I don't want to pay for the service. (didn't upload this until 9/11)

4/12/02- Added accident report for Wichita State Univ. Martin 404 crash.

03/09/02 - (1) Removed aviation acheology webring icon from index page since webring moved somewhere else. (2) Added link to Mike Morrow's excellent webpage about the SB-17 crash site on the Olympic Penninsula of Washington. Mike gave me directions to the site so Dad and I could hike there when I was in Seattle during Sept. '01. (3) Added link to airplane crash sites found by divers. Link brought to my attention by Rob Korotky.

1/23/02 - Modified "About Ron" to reflect truck driving school in December and my new employment situation.

11/3/01 - Added 2 more brief trip reports about the Larkspur B-17. Added an interesting email received from Bill Laux who was on the investigation of the Dillon A-3. Modified "About Ron" to reflect current unemployment situation, added link to my resume in hopes it might bring something good and unexpected.

8/27/01 - Added link to Waypoint Wherehouse under links. Modified  "About Ron" due to job layoff.

8/19: Final names of Mt. Yale victims supplied by Len Wallace.

8/17: Added names of some victims of Mt. Yale crash to webpage based on newspaper reports. Also aircraft serial number from 1st page of accident report.

8/13:  Len Wallace found date and fatalities of Mt. Yale C-47 crash site. Modified my web page.

8/11:  Added 2 additional pages to Medicine Bow Peak crash info. Both pages courtesy of Alan Cass of Boulder who has extensively researched this incident. (Thank you Alan!)

8/10: Return to Crown Point B-17 site to get updated coordinates. Had a very fine day with Roxann (& her horse and dog), Brian, Jim,  Steve and Nelum. I had a chance to feel extra smart as they pumped me with questions about what this piece or that was at the site. UPDATED COORDINATES.

8/5: Another trip report for Larkspur B-17. Unsuccessful. Added announcement of time/date of placement of memorial for UA Flight 409 (Medicine Bow Peak) victims on the webpage.

8/1: While creating a TopoZone link to email the coordinates of the Crown Pt. B-17 site  I found that MY COORDINATES ARE WRONG! Updated the web page with some general correction to get in the ballpark. My marker was on the wrong side of the ridge!  (That's what Selective Availability did to us!)

7/31:  Pictures for-  (1) Larkspur B-17 deathmarch hike trip report  (2) Wichita State Martin 404 site  (3) end of film roll for Jones Pass C-123 - there will be more pictures of this when the current roll of film gets developed  (4) Pike's C-47  picture added

7/21- Found Jones Pass C-123. Added link in military sites to webpages of site coords & description with additional link to accident report. Also added it to the maps links.

7/17- Corrected Crystal DC-6B picture to show a VC-118 aircraft. The DC-6B was C-118 to the USAF, not C-54 as I had previously identified it. Thanks to Don Fey for pointing this out.

7/16:  Wrote trip report about unsuccessful attempt to find Larkspur B-17. Linked on the Larkspur B-17 page.

7/14:  Added CAB accident report on Medicine Bow Peak DC-4 via link. Added accident report for Elk Mountain DC-3. Added images of Duke Sumonia and Larry Carpenter on the Foreword page (finally!)

7/12:  Added images of Martin 404 to Wichita State 404 page. Added "public domain" to zone for MU-2 picture. Added Crystal Mountain CAB accident report to Crystal Mountain DC-6 page.

7/8: Added Pike's Peak C-47 after hiking there on 7/7.

7/2: Added link to accident report on the Wichita State Martin 404.

7/1:   (1)While adding the Wichita State 404 to the clickable map icons I found the clickable icons on the big map not functioning. Repaired. (2)Added info about the Taylor Park B-24 memorial after reading about it in today's Denver Post.(3) Inverted order of these items for easier reading.(3) Added some words in the Cautions section (4) Added some more words in the UTM & Hiking section.

6/30: Located Wichita State Football Team crash site of Martin 4-0-4 chartered airliner. Added to Civil Sites table. Added page which will need pictures and more link as I find them.

5/16:  Added serial number to Taylor River B-24 page after inquiry from Lou Hudson

4/17: Figured out that the "Last Modified" field contained at the foot of all my pages was displaying current date/time on the website. Reason is that the                       ads refresh the modification of the file so.....I've removed the java script and replaced it with manual fields for last modifications before pulling the                         script.

4/11: Added more inviting words and a plain language email address to solicit more feedback.

3/31 : (1) Added Pike's Peak B-58 to Sites With a Twist  (2) Added images in many places after receiving kind permission from Pima Air & Space                             Museum to use their images.

3/26 : (1)Tripod restored site with older files. (not sure that's a good thing) (2)Added names to casualties list for Crystal DC-6. (3) Added links to Ft.                         Collins Library archives for articles on Crystal DC-6 and Pingree B-17. Copied Tripod's created "new files" (my 3/18 upload) to working                                   files/directories

 3/18 :Tripod(?) lost all the files so restored site manually (2.5hrs upload)

 3/10 :Moved the clickable map of located sites to its own directory and created maps (1) of all (2) of military (3) of commercial (4) of helos (5) of lightplanes only

 3/8 Added: F-94 names, dates and accident report excerpts

3/7 Switched in java script for contact info to foil spambots, Started adding hometowns to crew names 3/7

3/6  Switched out Census map server for large area clickable map

3/4 Added : guestbook  

3/3/01 Add: Counter,   Home icons, Last modified tag code, link to map of all sites on index page               





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