Pikes's Peak B-58 Hustler

Pima Air Museum's B-58 Hustler
One of history's most elegant airplanes.

Photo by John Sepp. Courtesy of the Pima Air and Space


Name Pikes Peak B-58
CAP data 38d 49 m  105d 03m
GPS coords
Datum used NAD 27

Date: 22 April 1960

A/C tail number 58-1023

The wreck cause: Loss of control during normal flight due to Mach/airspeed/air data system failure.

Casualties:  Ray Tenhoff, Convair pilot

                   Walter Simon, Convair flight test engineer

 Survivor:   Kenneth Timpson, Convair flight test engineer

Site Description:. CAP says "South of Pike's Peak"  

                                B-58 webpage says "24 mi NW of Ogden UTAH" (Check for yourself)

Analysis:  39.82  105.05    vs. 41.49  112.27        It's hard to understand how even a typo could have put down the wrong coordinates. Perhaps it's just a complete and utter mis-entry in the CAP database???

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