So who picked up the pieces?

Joe Wilkinson picked them up and took some pictures too!

The following pictures were provided to me by Len Wallace who received them from Joe Wilkinson. Joe was in the business of crash recovery during the war and took some pictures of some of the sites. These provide a very rare glimpse into how aircraft wreckage was removed from difficult locations at the time.

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Elk Mountain A-20 (also on the Elk Mountain page)
Elk Mtn in the 40's Scouting. View  from site?

The job Sledding engines out. Cat and sled

Motive power. Stuck at the moment Lower on the mountain.

SB2C Helldiver. Crashed at Craig.

Pilot stayed overnight with his parents. Rained.

Field muddy. Takeoff unsuccessful.

SB2C Helldiver

Departing Craig.

Hoisting wing center Wing center loaded.


Notice nose not badly damaged.

On Berthoud Pass Berthoud Pass

B17 Recovered from Plains Airways, Cheyenne Wyo.

(don't know much more)
Engines removed Flatbed Flatbed

Wing diassb

Kiowa B-17

B-25 near Laramie, Wyo.

Engine failure & lost prop? Poor old 358.

B-25 near Sinclair, Wyo.

P-38 down from Dutch Harbor at Plains Airways in Cheyenne Joe changed 1 engine

(There are more pictures to be identified and posted. Check back!)

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