Silt A-6 (Not located yet)  Need more info!

Name Silt A-6
CAP data 39 26N 107 28W 16-MAR-79 A-6 UNK

GPS coords
Datum used NAD 27

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Ron standing with GPS receiver in meadow
GPS says it's here. It's not.

The wreck cause: Stowage of personal gear during ferry flight leading to in-flight fire. 2 fatalities. Pilot was found in the wreckage. Crewman was found 1 mile away. It is presumed that he knew to deploy his chute manually due to mountainous terrain but was found with a broken arm.

This came from a former Naval Aviator who knew about it:

Anyway, the info you requested follows:

A6E BuNo 157012, enroute to NARF Alameda and flown by a VRF-31 crew. I have  no other info, but could probably get more if needed. The plane  belonged to  VA-35. They evidently stoppped at Peterson AFB for fueling. Contact was lost  29 minutes into flight and the plane crashed into a mountain.

Casualties:   LtCdr. Robert Gene Tryone

                        AN(?) John Lubresky

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Best route

Trips to find the  A-6   (no pictures)

Newspaper clipping info about the crash

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