Maps of various kinds of crashed airplanes in the state


Orange ball = military airplane  

Blue ball = commercial airplane

Light green ball = helicopter

Cyan ball = FAA aircraft (1)

Gray ball = unknown


Map of located airplanes - with clickable icons to tell the story of the wrecks

August 5, 2012  My apologies- I used to have a map of all crash sites and other maps of various kinds. I relied on the Tiger map server to serve them up rather than keeping my own jpeg. Tiger is gone so those maps are gone.

Yes, I *could* find a way to work it with Google or Yahoo or something else but I've already done it once and don't have time or interest in learning a new way to do something else once. Sorry.

Note: Maps are based upon the CAP statewide list dated 1982. Coordinates are not necessarily correct, nor are classifications. When an aircraft has civilian registration but is a military type, it goes into the civilian crash list.

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Last Modified:  8/5/2012