Mt. Logan B-24

Name Mt. Logan B-24
CAP data 3929N 10538W UNK,B-24,UNK,MARKED/VSB FM AIR,12.5
GPS coords 39 28 30.3N 105 37 01.4W by GPS. (1.03 away from above).
GPS decimal 39.47509  105.61705
UTM 13S 0446926, 4369473
Datum used NAD 27
County Park County, CO.

Sept. 30, 1943

Pima Museum's B-24
Pima Museum's B-24

Photo by John Sepp. Courtesy of the Pima Air and Space Museum

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Looking down to US 285

The wreck cause: The wreck cause: Loss of control resulting in spin. Spin recovered, stalled again, spun into ground.

Casualties:     2nd Lt. Edward W. Double

                        2nd Lt. John J. Cook

                        2nd Lt. Charles E. Samson

                        Sgt. Howard J. Lawler

                        Sgt Nicholas C. Salamone

                        Sgt. Nick Rappach  (Corrected 1/10/05 from "Rich"  )

                        Sgt. Orville L. Iverson

                        Sgt. Moses Zepkin

                       Sgt William G. Shaw

                       Sgt. Victor N Conti

                       Sgt. John J. Garvey

Survivor: 2nd Lt Henry A. McQuade, Bombardier

Site Description:. 11,400' level on Mt. Logan. Visible from US285 at Shawnee if you know exactly where to look and the light is right..
Located about 300 yds into trees SSW from large prominent rock outcrop on summit of subpeak of Logan. Debris remaining is fairly extensive. Some propellor hub assemblies, several propellor blades, some .50 cal cases & links, engines, struts, some sheet metal (not sure what parts) etc. Wreck has recently been dug thru but access problem keeps most parts there. CAP marking panel was square sheet of steel that someone has moved downhill about 500' into the trees.

Best route Access is either straight up across private land from Santa Maria Catholic camp or somewhat roundabout from Hinkle gulch on 285 then contour across (4.5 hrs, 3,000'). I've only made the one trip there.

Trips to find the B-24: Made just one, no trip report. (It was a *hard* hike though! 4.5 hrs up.)

Pictures here:

Thomas Gallegos at lunch break after 3hrs climb. The site has a view of the valley. Landing gear leg.


Prop. Prop with kid. Other people were on the wreck

that day.


Site is on the left shoulder of the

left mountain.

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